let’s not be strangers

Italy has given me copious amounts of time to do pretty much whatever I want. What have I done with this thing called “time” that I’ve never heard of before? I’ve filled up an entire journal for the first time. Usually I get bored with one after a while and I go buy one with a more interesting cover in hopes that I’ll start writing again. Maybe it sounds dumb, but I’m sure you’ve done something similar. It’s either the fact that I have so much time to write that I can’t help fill up a journal, or it’s that the cost of a journal here is more than I would pay in the states. Maybe I just have more to say in a strange country?

I have no idea where I’m going with this.

Basically, I haven’t written in a blog in a long time so I’m out of practice. I haven’t posted anything on my blogspot page since may 2005. I used to post all the time. I don’t know what happened.

oh, right…school happened.


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