a few things about Europe:

Some of the washing machines over here take forever, as in 3 hours. They like their clothes really clean, it makes up for the fact that they haven’t washed them in 4 months and haven’t showered in two.
When you ask for something and they say it’s “finished” they usually mean that they have run out of the thing you are asking for.
Boxing Day/St Stephen’s Day/Dec 26th is not SALE day like it is in America. Everything is pretty much shut down on the 24th and nothing opens until the 27th. It’s nice, but not when you’re traveling during that time. Merry Christmas.
When someone says it’s “not possible” it is in fact possible, because you are usually already doing it. They just mean it’s not permitted but they don’t know that word yet.
the Europeans really like switches and buttons. Sometimes, a plug has a switch by it that you have to turn on to use. The on/off switch of the electrical device is not sufficient to turn on/off the appliance. Besides, why have one button when you can have two?
On London escalators, there are signs every meter that tell you to stand on the right so that people in a rush can get by. Every time you get off the subway they tell you to “mind the gap” between the platform and the car so you don’t fall. There are signs to tell you which side of the stairs you should ascend and descend on. However, all hell brakes loose when you try to get on/off the underground car and everyone just pushes each other because there are no signs or recordings to tell you what to do.
It’s true that the Irish are all drunks. There are even TV commercials trying to get people to know when they have had too much. One of these includes a rather disgusting vomit scene.
Germany is awesome, but it’s still creepy about how obsessed with perfection they are. Nazi party anyone?
There is only once country that refuses to recognize the existence of food from other countries. That place would be Italy.
Salzburg Austria likes to capitalize on a movie that was hardly filmed there and most Austrians have never even seen. I’m talking about the sound of music.
The Scots didn’t fight for their freedom from England like the Irish did. It took them long enough. I mean, it’s not like the Brit monarchy means anything anymore like it did when we had our little revolution.
Spaniards are nuts. They say they don’t speak English when you ask them in Spanish or English, and when you speak to them in English they understand you and then answer you in Spanish…now that’s just bad for tourism. Oh, and the whole “Catalonia is not Spain” bit…fine, start a revolution then you can quit complaining.

Even after all of this, I don’t want to go home. The lack of reality I experience here is utter bliss.


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