i learned it in middle school

I’m really excited to do nothing for spring break. Seriously, it’s a relief. There are a few shows i want to go to and then there’s the lake. hopefully it’s not cold.

This actually started because i meant to click on “my shares.” What is that? I missed it with my mouse because I must have awful hand-eye coordination. So now i’m writing this note and you’re reading it. Why are they called notes? Is that Mark Zuckerbergs little way or being a rebel and not calling it a blog? notes are things you take in class, pass in class (in middle school, or high school if you never got over it), or write on post its. I’m sure there are other kinds of notes and you should let me know. Yeah, you. I really never learned how to use parenthesis correctly. I think i learned it in middle school once.


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