hey kids, go watch the refrigerator

Yesterday, I saw the most ridiculous thing for sale at Best Buy.

Is it really necessary to have a television built in to your refrigerator? There is no way that would work in the setup of most of the kitchens I’ve pictured it in. I first tried it in my parents kitchen. There is no way I could comfortably sit/stand and watch the refrigerator. Then, I tried picturing the appliance in a few of my friend’s houses. Nope.

First of all, the refrigerator isn’t meant to be watched. Second, the screen isn’t even at eye level unless you’re three feet tall. Also, there is not just one screen on this sucker…there are two. One is for the freezer right on the ice/water dispenser and the other is by the handle of the refrigerator. I just don’t get it. Maybe I just wasn’t the kid with the cool family who hung out in the kitchen and watched tv all the time. But let’s face it guys, watching the refrigerator is cool now.


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