let us all just stare

Yesterday at church, there was hardly anyone in attendance. Everyone blamed the combination of spring break and springing forward. I might as well have not been either there since i was tired for no good reason and kept having to remind myself to keep my eyes open. Due to low attendance, there was no one really in the class I would normally go to. Instead, I went to the Sunday school room where my mom was teaching and sat down in the back This girl I used to babysit who was probably about 11, if I did the math right, came up to me and just stared at me and hummed. I always hated babysitting her and this is a good example of why. After I was sufficiently creeped out, I met her stare and she said, “are you new in our class?” This was the Sunday school room with ages approx 8-12, so no, I was not new. Thanks. Then she asked how old I was and I replied “Twenty-one.” Her eyes got huge and she made her face look like a blowfish and then she she started jumping around.

I’m not sure I’ve ever received that reaction to stating my age before.


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