only 3

three moments from yesterday:

On the way out of austin, while going through the food stamp side of town (i could be even less pc if i wanted), some punk kid threw what appeared to be a water balloon at my car and missed. For all I know it was something else that could have damaged my car. I thought about what would have happened if I’d pulled over and knocked on the door to tell the parents what their brat of a child was doing. I decided either the parents wouldn’t be home, they wouldn’t speak English, or they’d get really mad at me and defend their child for throwing things at cars.

While driving back to cs, something yellow/orange flew into my car through the sunroof and fell between the seat and console. I couldn’t find it under my seat when I got home, but I decided it was either a dead wasp, a Cheeto, or a cigarette butt. All are possible, people throw all kinds of crap out their window.

When I arrived home my roommate had somehow managed to not take a shower the entire weekend because there was a nice ring of dirt around the bathtub even though I JUST cleaned it. Thanks. Good thing cleaning is relaxing to me, and cheaper than therapy.


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