if my family had a normal christmas, _________

A normal Christmas would be unfit for my family.  Getting up early and opening presents around a tree or whatever a family does at Christmas, that’s normal right? I’m not really sure what it entails. Enlighten me?  One of these days, I’ll have a normal Christmas. Until then, here’s what my family Christmas generally requires:

-it may not be spent at home, it must be in a hotel room/rented apartment
-there must be snow, or at least colder weather than TX
-since we are not ever at home and don’t want to haul presents with us, gifts must be received before christmas and they generally are not wrapped. also, the statement “this is your christmas present,” while in the checkout line is a typical notification that an item is a christmas present.
-christmas dinner is usually eaten in the hotel lobby or whatever restaurant is open.

As for this year, I have been spending the holiday in Germany, where everything…EVERYTHING…closes down from the 24-26th. We had christmas eve dinner in one of the hotel restaurants and tonight we’re eating at the hard rock cafe. Yeah…i know…but it’s the only restaurant open that doesn’t serve strictly kebabs or pizza.

To prepare for the mass shut down of food establishments, we bought some french cheese, crackers, and christmas cake/bread at a local market. To drink, we survived off of water and diet coke my dad brought from his plane in from dubai…so the packaging was in arabic or whatever they speak.  I don’t care because it’s not English.  Yeah, i said that.

Today we’ve all just been sitting around on our computers, planning the rest of our trip (brussels, amsterdam, rotterdam) and snacking.

I may have a christmas day lacking in traditional family things, but the important thing is why we celebrate it.

Merry Christmas!

my christmas lunch
what we did all day

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