living large in the midwest…or wherever ohio is.

Since I’m not exactly the biggest NPR fan, I’ll have you read the article before I make a comment on it…

Some could argue I’m missing the point. But I would say that the “point” would be better argued, had that photo not been included in the article. It’s a good thing NPR is mostly RADIO.

Journalism is amazing.

What’s even more amazing?

These two women manage to have no car, have to walk to work, and can’t buy meat anymore (big deal…plenty of people go without by choice, but that’s a different argument), yet somehow the procurement of ice cream, twinkies, and government cheese is no problem. What an accomplishment. I know I certainly couldn’t do it.

The point of the article would have worked better as a sob story had the family been…how do I say this…not as well fed?

I’m not even going to get into how the peoples money (yes…taxes…your money) is at work here.

Harsh? possibly. But if you can’t get past that, then you’re missing my thoughts completely.

I have too much time at work to get angry about things.

note that i posted this DURING work.  ok so it was during lunch and not on company time, but still.


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