oh aggies…

if you live in a cave and haven’t seen it:


Yes, yes, it was a stupid stupid stupid idea. ESPECIALLY if YCT didn’t think it would end up like this.

That being said…and DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT mistake this as me as being cool with yesterdays spectacle…

People have been talking about how what happened yesterday was not covered under free speech. Really? Anyone see the anti-bush rally where they put a noose around a statue of george’s neck and pulled him down. It was reminiscent of the Saddam statue toppling. I’m pretty sure that putting a noose around the likeness of someone and dragging them to the ground is along the same lines as throwing eggs at them. Do you think those people were threatening to actually put a noose around gdubs neck and drag him around? I’m sure they would have liked to, but it wasn’t going to happen. Same thing with throwing eggs at obama. Most protesting of political figures isn’t exactly “nice”.

Although I don’t agree with either, I still stand that both parties have the right to demonstrate.

Political speech is HIGHLY protected in the courts. It’s our way of having a “check” on those who run our government. If anyone was dumb enough to try take this or anything like it to court, what would be the likelihood of the “case” actually being taken? Well, like I said, political speech is HIGHLY protected by the courts.

I guess what bugs me is people not understanding political speech, or who/what says what free political speech even is. Just because saying/doing something is a stupid idea in the first place, doesn’t automatically mean it’s not protected under the 1st amendment.

Has anyone noticed that every time a&m makes more than the local news it’s for something bad like the bonfire collapse, list eating, racist videos, or this egging business? That’s because good news doesn’t keep viewers/readers around.

One other thing, if it was any other campus, it would have probably been mccain or, more likely, palin. I wonder how that would have gone over?


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