dear college station, i hatelove you

I just got back from my first real post-grad trip to aggieland. I don’t belong. I am the weird old person. It is depressing.

In College Station, I don’t have a sink to put my toothbrush next to or a pantry to not have groceries in. I don’t have a dishwasher to fill up or a mailing address there either. Also, I don’t have weird neighbors that play the guitar with the door open on Sundays.

Instead, I sleep on couches and put my dirty clothes into a suitcase instead of on the floor to pick up later. You know you do it too.

I do not live there anymore. I am a visitor.

On Saturday while I was in town, bored out of my mind because lets face it this is college station, I checked facebook for subleases and jobs in CS. When I realized what I was actually doing, I threw my computer (figuratively) to the side and went back to sleep. I had to be crazy. I always hated College Station. However, school is my “safe place” and it just so happens that my “safe place” is located in an awful town. I kept running into people that had graduated and still were in CS. I was just jealous. I live at home. Fantastic.

Tonight while we were eating dinner, my mother said that she regrets having me find a sublease for my apartment so early. She said this completely out of the blue. This had never been a topic of discussion. As it turns out she really just hates having to pay for the storage of all my furniture. Thanks mom.


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