my taste in music __________.

With all the “music history” facebook notes floating around, I decided to resurrect my lastfm account and try to figure out my own chronology with their charts and graphs.  It’s science.   It is inaccurate.

(It was also a PAIN because i didn’t know my password and the email it was linked to…blahblah.)

Anyways, these charts are completely incomplete.  There are three reasons:

First, Lastfm doesn’t take into account what I play from my ipod while it’s docked, in my car, or just on me.  This is unfortunate as most of my music listening is in one of these forms.  I know this could be fixed, but i’m not going to plug in my ipod just to update lastfm.   Not important.

A second problem causing agent came from reorganizing my music library.  This sent itunes into a fit of play count deleting rage.  Some of my old favs are now listed as having never been played.  I know this isn’t a tragedy, but it would be nice to see where I came from musically. Now I can’t. I blame Steve Jobs.

The third, and quite possibly largest, inaccuracy causing agent: repeat.  I frequently, and absentmindedly, leave my computer crooning silently all day while I’m away.  The poor machine gets left alone, only to listen to one album, on repeat, all day.

Now that I’ve blamed everyone but myself, it should be known that I CAN admit to being partially at fault.  I have horrendous listening habits.  I overplay songs and frequently listen to complete garbage.  …so there you have it.

I do what I want.



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