my cereal box has more than cereal in it

This little blog of mine needs attention.

Also, it needs a change.

From now on, I’m planning on writing every day.  That’s right.  Due to this, I can’t guarantee awesomeness.  I can, however, promise that my writing will be a bit more self-serving, journalish, and probably lackluster at times.

I’m a great salesperson.  I know this for sure.

that being said………

Today I discovered a few things:

  • I have underestimated my ability to keep my feelings to myself.
  • For being a fairly deliberate person, I change my mind a lot.
  • The things I should want, I don’t know if I actually DO want.
  • Jane (my dog) doesn’t hate me because she likes sleeping under my bed, she just thinks it’s cooler (temperature wise) and finds it more comfortable do to this.  And yes, she told me, obviously.

In other news:

I stopped at Whole Foods to get dinner after institute despite the fact I knew nothing would look appealing.  Over the past few days I just haven’t had much of an appetite.  That, my dear readers, is a story for another day.

The first open parking space was by the bus stop where a homeless man was standing.  As I expected, he asked me for some change as soon as I opened my door.  I felt horrible.  This man wasn’t being bothersome or creeping me out, all he asked was for my loose change.  As I walked away from this man and my car, I decided on buying something extra while inside. He would surely still be waiting at the stop.  Upon entering the store, I started talking to a friend on the phone and completely forgot about the man outside.  I was so wrapped up selfishly and emotionally in my conversation that I didn’t remember my original intentions until I was within feet of my car.  The man was still there.  I was empty handed.  As I settled into my car, feeling guilty and wondering what to do, I saw the box of cereal I had been trying to munch on since yesterday.  Perfect!  I could give him what was left AND rid myself of this box that had been plaguing me for some reason.  Again…another story.  I seized the box, reached for the door, looked up…he was gone.

How anticlimactic of me to tell you this.


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