and this is where my degree kicks in…

Everything happens while I’m driving.

There was an aerial lift blocking the roadway on my street today.  It was just hanging out, basket dangling four or so feet off the pavement.  There was no operator in sight.  If you can’t picture this yet, Google it. The boom was almost parallel to the pavement and the truck mount was only halfway on the road.  It was like one of those arm things in a parking garage that lifts up when you pull a ticket or pay….except not…and HUGE…and without a ticket to pull to make it GO AWAY.  WTH?  I almost had to turn around and go a different way.  Good thing I was in an SUV and could handle the drop off the pavement to get around the awkward street blockade.

There must have been a good reason for this happening, but every instance I imagine is way too outlandish.  The best part had to be when I passed to the other side of the lift and saw a group of construction workers sitting on the side of the road eating lunch, staring at my car.  They totally knew.

And yes, I was excited to be able to correctly identify the piece of construction equipment blocking the road.  Williamson would be so proud.


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