running: take 2

Siberian Huskies are sled dogs, so they run.  Right?  Maybe mine is getting too old.  Her name is Koya and I’m starting to feel bad for her because Jane, my yorkie mix, is totally outperforming her on the road.

For the past few weeks, I’ve religiously taken Koya and Jane for a walk every morning.  I initially thought Koya and Jane would keep up with eachother;  Jane, a smaller young dog with too much energy to be burnt and Koya, a working dog bred for running and pulling.  How wrong I was… I walk around my neighborhood looking like a moron with arms outstretched in opposite directions, one pulling from behind and the other being pulled from ahead.  It only gets worse when other dogs are present.  I ignored this the other day and tried to go from walking to running.  The lack of speed compatibility between the two dogs is not the only reason trying was a bad idea.

Back in highschool, I took ballet and other dance classes four hours a day during the school week.  Inga, my ballet teacher with a thick Russian accent, used to yell at some of the girls because she apparently could tell if they ran or participated in sports at school.  She would become incredibly angry and hostile at the mention of anything involving running.  Naturally the little rule follower, I was terrified.  I steered clear of running at ALL costs.  In high school, for my P.E. credits I took a tennis class (yes, my school had a class that was just a class and not a team for tennis) because I figured it was the least running intensive sport I could play.  Hitting balls with a racket was a plus, I’ll admit.  Also, Inga never yelled at me for running.

This mentality carried over into college, for the most part.  Then I got rebelious.  Sort of.

During the summer after my Junior year, I had way too much time on my hands.  I was only taking a few hours and didn’t have a job.  There was time to kill, so I spent a lot of it at the rec center on campus.  I took some group fitness classes and decided to branch out and take a hip-hop class as well.  Then, I met the indoor track.  Everyone on it seemed in their own world and oh-so-confident.  I’m not sure why, but I wanted to be one of them.  I learned three things in trying:

  1. I run awkwardly.
  2. My lungs HATE me.
  3. My left knee is always going to suck.

Despite those truths, I kept going.  Part of me just wanted to be defiant towards Inga and my childhood inhaler carrying self.

Back to now…

Like I said, I started trying to run again with the dogs.  Jane gets way too excited and Koya gets way too tired.  I’m stuck in the middle.  I pretty much don’t get anywhere.  Maybe running and I are just not meant for eachother?  Too bad, because step aerobics just makes you look like a spaz.


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