it’s messy

I wanted to see what would happen in I wrote exactly what I was thinking and didn’t edit myself. Get ready…
In about 4 hours last night, I ate more than I had in the past 7 days. What gives? Candy valencia oranges, chips and queso, cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, straight up cookie dough dipped in chocolate. I’m too old to eat like that. However, I am not old. I know this. I will milk my young looks for as long as they will let me. I can’t believe I’m 23 and have a degree that is useful in a field where there is 30% unemployment. At least that’s what I heard about the construction industry. And I thought the 8% for all industries was bad. It’s only gotten worse since I graduated. It’s been four months, yes it HAS been that long since graduation, and in that time I have read more than I ever did in all of college. Ok, that is a LIE. I actually read more during my last semester than I did in all of college, but that was 3 months of compulsory and schoolish reading and that sort of thing shouldn’t count. Now, I’ve done ACTUAL reading, the kind they’re probably referring to on the “reading is a trip” posters that were amongst the elementary school wall propaganda décor. HA! We had a poster that could be taken as a drug reference. Valley View Elementary was preparing students to do lines in the Westlake bathrooms and be future rehab residents. I wonder whatever happened to that one…
And that’s what goes on in my mind. It’s messy.
Just re-read it and it was hard not to correct some really hoorrrrrible sentences in there.
You’re welcome.


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