my pets probably have complexes

so i’m in day 5 or something…i didn’t count so i’m probably way off…of this blogging every day no matter what business. I don’t think it’s working for me. It’s not working because i’m about to blog about my cats. I should not resort to this. I’m probably thinking too highly of myself, like I always do, but I am better than this!!!! Please stop me. now?
You are crap at convincing.
Max, my cat of 10 or so years, has lost a lot of weight in the past month. He’s still fat. Maybe I should just call him full figured. Whatever, he’s a fatty. We switched his food to this weird raw foods brand instead of the usual science diet. My dog Jane is to blame for this switch because she kept eating the cat food so we found something that was for dogs and cats. There’s no way this stuff is legit, but they haven’t died yet.  As if the food we have in our pantry isn’t weird enough, we put our animals through this same sort of wholefoodsness. Max is not a fan. Don’t worry, he eats and he’s still fat, just not AS fat. I think he holds a grudge against Jane for the switch. Either way I know he’s jealous of her.
There are pros and cons to this.

  • he’s more limp when you pick him up
  • he’s not a freaking fatty(or not as much of one)
  • he’s obviously lighter and easier to hold
  • he’s more playful


  • he tries to eat MY food. this was never a problem before. he used to hate human food.
  • He’s more playful

You read correctly. Sometimes, I just don’t want a cat trying to eat my foot. On the other hand, it burns calories trying to run away from him.
Bob, our other cat, has issues as well. He is on the never ending quest to escape from home. Obviously, he does not understand, silence and stealth would be his best plan of attack. Instead, he lets out this “chaaarrrgggeee” meow, every time he makes a run for it, signaling to one of us that we should be prepared to stop him. Aside from lacking normal cat logic, he also lets Jane, a dog, abuse him. I would post a video of him totally getting beat up on and owned by my dog, but i don’t care to figure out how. Also, all of like one person (me) would watch it. Jane basically drags him around by the neck and thus pulls out his fur. He looks like a lion missing parts of his mane.
poor little bob.

I think he enjoys the pity factor.


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