tivo is for pausers and stoppers (stoppers?)

Two buttons on my tivo remote have died: pause and stop. This is pretty useless understandable, since the whole point of having a dvr of any sort is to be able to record and PAUSE live tv.  Those buttons get a lot of wear.  Also, I’ve had the unit since freshman year of college, so it’s getting up there in the years.  Like…five almost. Pause went out first, so I just used stop, but now I’m out of cheap solutions. I didn’t think much further into this situation than “omg this is annoying”, until it was maybe 3am the other night. Either it was really late, or I had some sort of epiphany about my life. Probably the former. Hopefully. Maybe my life is like the remote? I pause and stop too much? I don’t just go and live?

yeah, never mind me. It’s too late right now.  My foot is asleep.


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One response to “tivo is for pausers and stoppers (stoppers?)

  1. brittai927

    Watch out for pausing and stopping your life too much. Oh and fast forwarding…that gets Adam Sandler in trouble in click.

    On another note, you could maybe get a new remote. Can’t fix the life thing though.

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