mind your own business, I’m balancing things

I must be nicer than I thought.

Yesterday, I stuffed Max and Bob into the cat carrier made for one so they could get their shots. We’ve had the carrier since before Max and Bob were even around. Actually, it could be older than me, so I didn’t carry it using the handle because under stress of two cats, about 25lbs combined, it would surely snap, sending the cats tumbling to the ground. They were already provoked and crammed in a space of roughly 2 cubic feet. Either way, I managed to get them safely into the vets office. After the main event, Max and Bob were difficult for the vet techs, I paid and proceeded to make my exit. I picked up the pet carrier in both arms (balancing my purse, their medication, and a water bottle on top), carried it to the door, set it down, opened the jammed door, bent over and hoisted the carrier back into my arms, crossed the threshold, and set Max and Bob down outside.  Finally, I turned, placed my hand on the doorknob, allowed a few seconds for scanning the seated and staring people, then firmly shut the door. There were five pretending to mind their own business in the waiting room, but they all knew I could have used help.  Their stares made it plain.

Even if it was some big guy that could easily handle a pet carrier. I would have at least opened the door.

Just saying. So yeah, I must be nicer than I thought.

Yes, i know, I could have just asked.


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