things I would like to do. asap. or at least this summer.

-go to the zoo.  not the crap austin one.

-float the freaking river.

-schlitterbahn.  I haven’t been since highschool.  also, I just checked and i spelled that right…first try.  i amaze me.

-pick peaches in fredericksburg.  did not spell that right on first try.  whatever, it’s proof i’m less nerdishly correct.

-take a shower after peaches b/c the last time i did it, i spent the next 8 hours being itchy.  i can handle the sweat but not the fuzzy itchy crap.

-then eat german food there (fredericksburg…keep up…)

-then be an old lady and look at weird antiques and probably end up spending the night at a b&b

-try not to have nightmares of the floral wallpaper coming alive and choking me in the middle of the night at the b&b.

-get over phobia of excessive floral print.

-go to the texas state history museum

-watch something at the IMAX there

-do a lot of boating, or….lakeing as I like to say

-eat at ski shores more than once this summer.

-go kayaking on town lake.

-take jane running around town lake.  I would take koya but she can’t run…see some other post.

-watch the bats at the congress bridge, it’s been long enough so i forgot how not that exciting it is.

-enchanted rock anyone???

-swim, hike, bike, or all three, the Barton Creek Greenbelt

-hamilton pool, krause springs, or barton springs.  ok, actually,  all three.

-esthers follies

-eat at the south austin trailer park eatery.  google it i didn’t make that up.

Now who’s with me? And where oh where to start…



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2 responses to “things I would like to do. asap. or at least this summer.

  1. noelene

    -hamilton pool is the most magical place in the universe. or at least in texas.
    -trailer park eatery = delicious.
    -i’ve never seen the bats. six years here, and no bats.

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