Bicycle Bicycle…

Near Whole Foods, there couldn’t be a more fitting place to witness this,  a woman was leaving with her groceries.  She was sporting a keffiyeh and a socially responsible cloth grocery bag, riding a fixed gear bike East on 6th street.

You don’t drive EAST on 6th street. It is a one-way WESTbound street.

I don’t care if you are on a bike and are better than me and my evil Dick Cheney approved SUV.  One-way streets are one way streets even if you are pedaling to save the planet.

I do not care if you ride a bike.  I do not care why you ride a bike.  I do not care until you get in my way.  I do not care until I make a left turn onto a one-way street and find you as oncoming traffic.  One-way streets don’t have oncoming traffic.

Congratulations, I nearly hit another car trying not to kill you.

You are welcome.


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