not for wiping your feet on

The topic in church today had the opposite effect than was probably intended.  I really see no need to be unconditionally nice to others that completely suck towards me.

I’m not a doormat and I’m not afraid of confrontation. This is NOT, of course, to say that I live for and love confrontation. I just don’t put up with rude behavior from people and if I do, my patience does not last forever.

I can totally see the point in forgiving and forgetting.  Letting someone elses behavior have such a hold on you is counterproductive, but to kill a repeat offender with kindness?  No thanks.  I’m better at forgiving, forgetting, and kindly shoving it out the door.  People that continually manipulate, use, or treat me with disregard are not worth my time.  They shouldn’t be worth yours either.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the NICEST person in the world, I tend to say things so openly and honestly that others would only dare to think.  It’s one of my good/bad qualities that I try to find a balance with pretty much every day.  Despite this, I think I am pretty sensitive to what others would ACTUALLY be offended by.

Sometimes, I can be somewhat curt with people that suck.  This probably only exacerbates the issue, but it’s just so satisfying.  Kind of like a “oh yeah?  well take that!” approach to things that isn’t any better that what they did in the first place.  I should work on that.

I’m a believer in second/third chances, but there’s a point where it’s you that’s making the mistake for letting them continually treat you like crap.  People can be shady…i could make a really lame tree reference/joke here but it’s late and i won’t find it funny or witty tomorrow.  i’m tired.

maybe i’ll write something interesting and non-soapboxy for a change tomorrow.

that is all.


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