too much ralph lauren in my closet

Every time I go to Maudies, I see fraternity boys.  Unfortunately, they’re the college type, as opposed to the post-grad frattys I encountered in DC.  The post-grads are much (much) better.  Trust me.  I never really thought of them as my type in college, but I could probably see it now.  There’s just something comfortably classy and average about a polo shirt and khaki wearing guy with some dull businessy job, even if he still secretly gets money in the bank from daddy.

Ugh, what am I thinking.  NEVERMIND.

Or…maybe…?  I mean having a job and money is good.  Right?  On the other hand, it’s kind of boring and dependable.  OMG since WHEN did dependable become so unattractive to me?  Oh yeah…since I mostly end up liking the waste-of-space types.

there is something seriously wrong with my priorities at the moment.  i just want to get on a plane and run away to greece.



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One response to “too much ralph lauren in my closet

  1. BTP

    Oh my goodness Shanna. Come to the dark side of liking preppy boys. Wait. That’s the light side.

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