my room smells like kool-aid or something burning

Over the past 6 months I’ve pretty much felt like I was in high-school again.  I walk on the same rugs.  I sleep in the same bed.  I click the same lamp out at night.  I stuff my journal and the 4 books I’m presently reading into the same bedside table.   The only thing in my room that changed while I was away at college, is the deposit of pointlessly expensive trinkety items from my grandmothers hoard of crap that my mom doesn’t have the heart to throw away.  I can hardly call that addition an improvement.

After college I had a pretty decent job offer with Parsons in North Carolina, but I turned it down, thinking I could find something in else in TX.  Instead, I’ve lived at home, been my moms slave, and gotten my real estate license among other random accreditations.  I have a job now, sort of, but I still feel like i’m back in highschool because i’m in my home town again.

I am so over this “graduating, getting a job, making new friends” thing.

In highschool teachers always talked about “preparing us for college”.  Well in college we never got a lecture about how weird life will feel after graduation.  The only thing they covered was resumes and job interviews.  You can find that crap on the internet.


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