that’s gross. get it off me.

sometimes I don’t want to go to sleep because my hair looks way to good to be slept on.  you think i’m kidding.

recently i’ve been considering cutting it (my hair…keep up son) a bit shorter.

i’m not going to though because that would make me look legally retarded.  or just 6 years younger.  same thing really.

The problem comes when i think about it too much.  Having long hair kind of grosses me out.  I mean, some of it’s been dead and hanging off me for like THREE years at this point.  It’s that long.

Fingernails have a similar grossness to me. I like ’em short.  They’re like formica counter tops…all kinds of bacteria just sorta chill there like it’s some sort of swanky lounge for microorganisms.

tile or granite ftw.

I value the YEARS i spent with braces, so yes i STILL wear my retainer occasionally and now i really need to get a new one.  i got my braces off 10 years ago.  although i’ve kept it clean, it is time.

especially because the other day, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW, a cockroach got into my retainer holder.  IT WAS CLOSED.  those little creepers can get into anything.  there is no WAY that ish is going back into my mouth now.  sick.

i trapped that little bastard under a wooden jewelry box and left him there.  our maid found it the next day and flipped OUT.

proof i am a horrible person:I laughed



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