go clean yourself in the dirt

So today UPS delivered a package from some natural health food store for pets.  You can find ANYTHING on the internet.  I figured this box was obviously the workings of my mother, but I opened it anyways and examined the contents.  There was organic pet shampoo, organic pet conditioner, cat waterless bath foam, and some plastic container full of tan powdery stuff.

A few weeks ago my dog magically, in a non-unicorn type way, ended up with fleas.  I’m not sure how this happened because we put frontline on our animals and have our backyard treated with nematodes, which I know nothing of but i am sure they are hella creepy looking.  Either way,  Jane got fleas and i had to give her a flea bath which gave her flaky skin.  My mother likes to do pretty much everything “naturally” and “organically” which probably explains A LOT about my upbringing, but that is for another day.  I figure she just wanted to find a flea shampoo that wouldn’t irritate Jane’s skin.

ANYWAYS, I was really confused by what this powdery crap she bought is.  I’m supposed to “sprinkle it on your dog and make sure the powder gets as close to its skin as possible.”  The first ingredient is “diatomaceous earth”…so like DIRT?  I’m rubbing dirt flavored with sage, fennel and yellow dock root into my dog.

good thing she sleeps in my bed.



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One response to “go clean yourself in the dirt

  1. augdra

    REVOLUTION is the only flea control that will work on some dogs. Go to”canada vet” on the internet. I have a Carolina Dog who has a bad reaction to anything thats not natural or organic and this works. Anything else and, well lets just say, diarrhea is not nice.

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