omgosh i have subscribers…?….!

I feel like i have a responsibility to post now.

yesterday I got a crap-ton of hits to my blog.  I have no idea why.  I mean, the day before I was at MAYBE 5 hits.

Apparently some of the views were from subscribers.  How the heck to i have subscribers?  My life is in no way that interesting.

either way.  cool.  ish.

also, don’t be afraid to post comments.  ???  i won’t think you’re weird.  after all, I’m the one bearing my SOUL here.



Filed under but hipsters already hate me so whatever

2 responses to “omgosh i have subscribers…?….!

  1. Sorry, it might be my fault. Looks like 33 ppl clicked the link I posted on twitter:

    • me

      possibly. but the weird thing is I have been getting closer to 100 hits a day for a few days now. i have no idea where this is coming from. and the referrers are coming from some random places (not just fb and twitter).

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