why driving is my fav:

Whenever I see a cop while driving, i freak out and start being super legal.  Don’t pretend like you’re too cool for that.

On the way to my office, I was on westlake dr. turning right onto 360 BUT the light was red, so I stopped first because that is LEGALLY what i’m supposed to do.  Am I right?

My car hadn’t even sort of come to a stop when this 40 something woman in a black land rover comes careening around me on my left side and turns right.  IN FRONT OF ME.  I COULD HAVE HIT HER.

Why are there never cops around when you want them there?   She better have been like NOT paying attention and had to do that to avoid smashing me into oncoming traffic.  Otherwise I hate her.  At least for like five minutes.

I got a good look at her while at the next stoplight.  She had obviously just been at Austin Country Club playing tennis or whatever because a) she was wearing a sun visor b) she had a white tank topish thing on c) she was in westlake d) she was driving a car that she probably didn’t pay for herself.  Those four things equal money leeching westlake mom.  Now that’s something that, let’s just all face it, GUYS would probably enjoy being as well.

Not five minutes later some dude in a mid-life-crisis-mobile (read: corvette) found it necessary to swing halfway into the right lane, where I was, to make a left hand turn.  Obviously essential to turning left.

yes please

yes please


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