thank you korea?

So i have felt like DEATH for the past few days, but last night was pretty much the last straw to giving in and going to the doctor.  My throat felt like it was maybe 15 miles in circumference and my ears were nearing a certain explosion. That sounds gross.  BUT IT HURT.

My mother doesn’t keep over the counter medicines around, her solution to everything is “use a netti pot, gargle with salt water, and drink lots of fluids,” even if had like…ebola or whatever, so my own stash must be kept.  I haven’t been sick in a while so everything was expired.  best day ever.  It was midnight, my throat was almost swollen shut and my ears were ringing and kinda sloshing around and I couldn’t really walk straight or tell up from down and everything was freaking EXPIRED!!

thank you dad for having some sketch korean meds.  i couldn’t read the package, because i’m not fluent in lines dots and slashes, but it did said “cold & flu” so I took two and prayed not to die.

then the real fun began.

Squishy walls and floors that made waves, I didn’t know that kind of stuff existed.

Although I blogged before bed last night, i’m pretty sure you couldn’t handle that kind of enlightenment.  Guess I passed out before pressing publish.


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