things i should probably do:

quit being an irrelevant blogger

blog less

get over my fear of floral wallpaper

go back in time

take my wii fit i got for christmas out of the box

make my hair red again?

have less crap in my closet

stop coughing so much, people might think i’m a closet smoker or whatever.

quit being sick.

be less snarky

learn to wash my hair faster so i don’t take such long showers

invent hair that doesn’t need to be washed.

umm. nm.

eat less cereal

eat normal meals at normal times

drink more water

clean up my freaking room.

stop being in denial of living at home and unpack my crap.

finish the books i start reading and never finish because i start reading a new one.

program my tivo to record stuff i’ll actually watch instead of reruns of the oc

fix my tivo remote

stop becoming interested in guys that seem great…. and then turn into worthless pieces of shit wastes of time, space, and oxygen.

stop swearing when i write, because i don’t really do it when i talk.

talk less.


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