reason #1 to get a better car

Today, a mid life crisis on wheels got super pissed at me.

I was exiting the freeway so I started slowing on the off ramp until I caught up a safe distance to the white explorer in front of me.  This old dude in a mustang comes zooming up behind me all cool like that and gets to where i can’t even see his license plate in my rear view.  Then he starts honking.  ???  My first thought was, “oh crap did I cut him off or something?” but I had been in the exit lane for QUITE some time, so no.  Anyways, we get to the frontage road and this dude does a quick right lane change and speeds off ahead of me, flipping off both me and the driver ahead of me.  I end up behind him at a 4 way stop and he makes a point to come to an obnoxiously long stop.  THEN he zooms off to the left and kind of swings his tail end around making this awful screeching noise.

I would like to congratulate this old guy on proving his point.

I guess.

One thing is for sure: if I was a 45 year old balding dude I would totally score the cheapest new mustang money can buy (READ: base model), not even spring for a spoiler, and drive around like a complete testosterone case.  I would I would I would.

Moral: if you’re going to be a complete asshole on the road, your car has to be better than mine. WAY better.

In other news: my mother emailed out a detailed inventory of the pantry.  I’m supposed to mark off stuff when I use it so everyone knows it’s gone.  Sure.

That’s not even the scary part.  You see, I could totally picture myself doing that.  I wouldn’t think it’d work, but i’d do it anyways just because i like having lists and knowing facts and being orderly.  Well, sometimes.  It’s like some dormant obsessive compulsive disorder that rears is awkward head once in a while turning me, slowly, into my mother.


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