Cargo pants: you don’t need that many pockets.

I didn’t even know they still made those.  You should especially not wear them if you are a girl (get a purse).  If you’re a guy, I probably won’t talk to you if you wear them, unless you’re really hot, but then I’ll eventually ask you to ditch them for something less pockety and not from the late 90’s, so just don’t.

glad i got that squared away.

in semi related news: I once convinced a guy his jean shorts where awful and that he shouldn’t wear them.  Take that however you like.

another thing: i notice haircuts on guys WAY too much.

problem: most guys don’t give a crap about the state of their hair.

While I’ve always known that really short hair is just NOT attractive to me, I’ve never been able to define when it’s too long.  Until now.  If they start looking like they have a mullet, instead of hair or can put it in a ponytail…there is a problem.  That’s all I could come up with on that one.

I know parrish would TOTALLY disagree.  But she liked corps boys so whatever.



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2 responses to “rules

  1. caffeevino

    Hey Shanna, it’s Kate. I found your blog the other day when I commented on your sonic post. It’s hilarious.

    So funny thing about those cargo shorts. Esp. for girls. I went into the gap a few weeks ago to get shorts for a mission trip and all I saw were long cargo shorts. I got confused and thought, “maybe they accidently put the men’s shorts in the ladies dept.” So I asked for help. Nope those were ladies shorts and they were “oh so comfy…the newest style!” Gross. But I needed shorts. And was desperate. And going on a mission trip which I think isn’t a fashion show. But I could be wrong since I was chaperoning high schoolers.

    So I sported the overly pocked shorts. But only for that week. And I was almost ashamed. And now they are tucked away far back in my closet. And I think Gap should know better. 🙂

    • me

      Hey kate! yeah…keep those at the back of your closet! haha. I guess maybe I’m overreacting about the guys cargos…but really, they are not necessary.

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