your mom is on facebook. but…so is mine.

well crap y’all…remember when fbook was GLORIOUSLY for the college student ONLY?  As part of the FIRST freshman class to have fbook, it’s pretty much my responsibility to whine about it a little.

Things went downhill when they started offering it to community colleges.  No offense or whatever.  But then highschools?  And then geographical areas?  And then people that didn’t even live anywhere?  WHAT is with having ‘no network’ ?  Who do these people think they are?  Are you too good to live in a place with a name?

My mom is on fbook.  We are not fbook friends.  It’s nothing personal.  I just find it WEIRD.  Also, when my mom tells me about stuff she puts on fbook I’m weirded out because sometimes it’s funny.  My mom is funny?  Is that allowed?

Do you have  a parental on fbook?  Are you offended that I’m calling ‘facebook’ ‘fbook’?  I don’t mean it THAT way YALL.

Why am I capitalizing so many WORDS?


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One response to “your mom is on facebook. but…so is mine.

  1. Parrish

    This is unfortunate for you. I think I’m lucky and my mom doesn’t understand facebook.

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