ATTN: easily offended ppl leave freaking NOW

OK…so this guy decided to walk down a HIGHWAY in Austin waving a gun at his head today.  It shut down traffic pretty much all over central austin and caused major delays around town for about THREE HOURS.  Those are 3 hours I will never get back thanks to this dude.

I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW…this could be kind of a delicate issue and i may tick a few people off.  I warned you.  But if the guy really wanted to off himself, he wouldn’t have done it in front of tons of people and brought an entire town to a 3 hour pity party.  I understand he has some very serious and very real issues, but is it really a stretch to think he maybe wanted the attention he got?  I know he wasn’t in his “right mind” and all, but isn’t it obvious if you hold a gun to your head in public people are gonna be like “uhmmm… bad idea man”??

So, aside from being in the hospital for observation, I wonder if he’ll get charged/ticketed with anything?  I mean he just singlehandedly spent a ton of tax dollars.  Not to mention, he wasted the gas, money and time of  everyone that was stuck in their car on mopac or 360 for hours.

Am I being insensitive?  Yes, but if this guy thought he had problems before, he now has a good portion of the Austin irritated with him.  Slightly counterproductive.

The good news was that he didn’t go through with it.  I kinda wonder what the SWAT people were saying to him to convince him not to do it.  I would not do well as a suicide hot line volunteer person.  I mean I’d end up saying something awful like:

me: hello?

person: I’m so depressed and unhappy and stuff (i’m not mocking i swear i just suck at making this up…)

me: yeah, man, life sucks and then you die (i also suck at dealing with emotional strangers).

person: *sobbing*

me: I mean…crap…that’s like a saying…you know…it isn’t “life sucks and then you kill yourself” because …everyone has issues all through life and stuff…ummm…this one time my cat got hit by a car and I was..


me: crap…SUPERVISOR????!!!!

In all seriousness though, I hope the guy gets the help he needs.  Also, I hope people don’t end up recognizing him as “the guy that held up traffic for like a year”.  That would suck.


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