possibly the only “feel good” (sort of?) post I’ll ever produce

People that treat money like it’s a prize to say “I won at life” annoy me.  Money makes life easier, don’t get me wrong.  Not needing to worry about bills/rent/food/a mortgage etc. is a good thing.  It’s more the “wanting of ‘things'” that gets to me.

Recently, I showed one of my listings (newsflash…i’m a realtor now), to a young mother who needed an inexpensive 2 bedroom in North Austin that was section 8 approved so she could use her voucher.  She had a new iphone, was driving a nice sports car, and was very well dressed.  Tax money was paying for her housing, but she could afford those things?  Sign me up?  When I pulled her credit report for the application, it revealed all.  She was in debt up to her ears.

I’ll be the first to call myself out: I am the owner of some “things” that some people seem to want more than anything.  I don’t exactly crave them and hinge my happiness on them though.  Nor do I sacrifice necessity to have the latest.  I shop out the best deals and am not really big on impulse buying.  Most everything I own was bought on sale, and I probably creep out salespeople with how many times I’ll go look at ONE thing before I finally buy it.  Now I’m done patting myself on the back for this…. I know I’m not perfect and I slip up sometimes, but I know happiness is not a new _______.

My mother recently asked what I wanted for my birthday and I didn’t have an answer.  We were shopping for hiking/water shoes at the time and I picked up a pair and said “uhmm…you can buy me these?” Mom was not satisfied and wanted to get me something that wasn’t a necessity for our upcoming trip.  She took me over to the handbags and the conversation went kind of like this:

Mom: What about one of these?

Me: I really like the purse I have though.

Mom: Well it is pretty nice, but you’ve had it for three years and you could get a fun one…in a color…

Me: I just don’t really need it.

My mom did not understand.  I think there might be something wrong with me.  A few years ago, in this situation, I would have already known the brand, style, and color, even before being asked if I wanted anything.  I guess the “things” that I want more than anything, can not be bought.

I kind of like it that way.



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2 responses to “possibly the only “feel good” (sort of?) post I’ll ever produce

  1. No, there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re just frugal. A lot of people are this way, and a lot more aren’t. You teach them that materialism isn’t the key to happiness, and they keep the economy rolling. You need each other.

    • me

      I would hardly say I’m frugal, my last clothing purchase was at neiman marcus (but it was like…2 months ago), I just can’t see the point of caring SO much about having SO many “things”

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