creeper creeper

So I went to Maine.  Wanted to stay.  Tried to stay.  Told my parents but they were like, “ok we’ll see you at home in austin.”

they totally believe in me.

I have more to say about Maine, but it was over a week ago, there are more pressing matters.

I went to the Aggie football opener against New Mexico.  I’m pretty sure our guys were bigger than their guys which means I’m not so sure the win counts (in my book).  After we won, I went to Northgate and was OLD.  Pretty much everyone I ran into was like “what are you still doing here you old person?”  And I was all explaining, “no, I don’t still live here, it’s a game weekend… you moron figure IT OUT!”  But I didn’t say that last part because i’m nice.

I’m slightly not ok with myself for writing what I’m about to write.  This is because I know girls that go out all the time and always find it necessary to complain to me about all the guys that were hitting on them.  I’m always wanting to say “whore, yeah, we know you know you’re pretty, what of it??” But I don’t, once again because I’m too nice. But I must mention that within an hour (probably less) at Mad Hatters I’d gotten creepered by 5 creepers.  Weird.  Gross. Creepers.  This is not normal.

1. walked inside, some guy in line for the bathroom touched my shoulder/neck (not that they are the SAME…) and was like…”you look perrtyy” in my ear.  felt like i needed a shower.

2. some other guy was like dancing up on anyone that passed, me included.  eww.

3. while walking through the crowd, a guy leaned into my face, like he was going for the kill, and said “can i make out with you?”  wtf…no.  my reflexes were a little off since I was so creeped out, but i got out of the way.

4. some guy standing behind me just started petting my hair and like twisting it around his fingers….REALLY>???!!@AERKJFLA

5. moved out of the way then someone else kept trying to move his hand on top of mine (I’m pretty sure he was someone’s DAD)


NO I wasn’t dressed ho-ish like some skank trying to get attention.  I was wearing a grey jcrew tee with a high-waisted belted jersey (NOT super short) skirt and flats.  Hardly screams “i’m easy, pick me” like a good portion of northgate goer’s attire.

I also mention this because I have a theory about my demeanor and that I tend to put off this “do not approach me” vibe , especially in large groups.  Apparently that was malfunctioning last night.  Fix me.


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