fake last day of summer

If you’ve never read my blog before, SKIP THIS POST. it is not exciting. SORRY i wrote it anyways.

Today, I checked two items on my summer to do list off:

-take jane on the town lake trail

-eat at the trailer park eatery

Now, pretty much all that’s left is barton springs, enchanted rock (saving for when it gets cooler), greenbelt (was too hot this summer) and fredericksburg (peaches didn’t happen this year though).

I’m now making a fall to do list.  On it: get a life, get a life, get a life.

Also making a list of major places in the states I haven’t been yet.  What I came up with: Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Mount Rushmore (even though no one cares about north dakota…or wherever), Chicago, San Fransisco.   I thought about including stupid stuff like Graceland and places like this but my list would never end.

now that you’ve read this, I should let you know: nothing exciting happened since my last post.


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