amassed emale (I’ll tell you later)

Doritos have tasted the same for at least 20 years.  Yes, “duh” is right.

I was eating a dorito out of that Munchies snack mix, you know the one with cheetos, doritos, sun chips, and pretzels.  It tasted like my childhood in a bag.  I felt four years old.  Go MSG.

Why does Kraft mac and cheese not give me the same feeling?


I got an email today with a horrible typo (think back to the epic “ass” mass email to the ADPi listserv) but since I’m smart, and the meaning was not lost, I ignored it.  The sender promptly emailed a clarification of her typo to which I wanted to respond, “I’m not retarded, I got it,” but i didn’t.

But I wanted to.

So bad.

The worst part?  My response wouldn’t have even been funny, or witty, or snarky.  Just plain rude.

I’m losing my edge.


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