sloth and excess: my secret to awesome

Now that it’s cooling off, I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on my hair and attire.  I share this, not because of how awesome I think I am, but because I’m convinced my “secret weapon” is simply being lazy and excessive.

I never really thought anything was that amazing about my hair, it is just hair and it’s not even my real color, but I do receive compliments a lot.  Girls ask, “how come your hair always looks so good?”

First of all, it does not ALWAYS “look so good”, but when it does, my secret is growing it out and not washing it every day.  there, I just used my first weapon: sloth.

They think i’m lying when i say “grow your hair out and quit washing it all the time.”  NO I AM NOT.  I am pretty sure my hair looks way better after I haven’t washed it for 24 hours and I’ve slept on it.  Maybe I just like messy things?  that is fact.

Now on to my “secret” to appearing put together.  But first, an anticlimactic story:

I helped a friend put together an outfit for going out the other night.  She was originally wearing a super cute (and surprisingly inexpensive…i don’t like using the word “cheap”) black tank mini dress with a gold foil design on the skirt with black flip flop sandals.  I kept getting asked, “do I look overdressed?”  To which I dishonestly replied, “no you look fine let’s go.”  Finally, her persistence and disbelief wore on me.  I’m blunt, so I said, “yes, and you’re going to be freezing.”  She was at a loss for a remedy and asked for my advice.  I made her ditch the flip flop sandals for black ankle boots and throw on a matching cardigan to keep her a little warmer; we were going to be outside.  If she’d had them, I’d have made her wear tights too.

I love cooler weather because I always feel more put together.  This is because I can wear MORE.  I’m convinced that tricking people into thinking I actually thought about my outfit requires three things: a cardigan/light jacket, belt, and something noticeable around my neck be it a necklace or scarf.   The ability to wear more means I can mix more colors and since my closet it mostly solids, this works out great.  Just only do 3 at a time and keep them in the right hue/tint/shade/tone.  Otherwise, you will look plain stupid.  Just saying.  So maybe I’m not too excessive.  But definitely more so than summer time.


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