i shoot stars and eat them for breakfast


Every time I take my dog out to the backyard at night, I think about the same exact thing, a string of events actually.  No, I’m not going to tell you what, but last night I was thinking about the same old same when my gaze rose to the sky in time to see a disintegrating chunk of space crap streaking through the white freckled blackness.  Never have I ever seen one so bright or close.  Sure, there was a time when I went camping a while back and spent a good portion of the evening just staring, waiting to see a shooting star.  I saw a few, but nothing like the other night.  The ones I was waiting for were distant and not near as brilliant.  But this, the one I wasn’t even prepared for or wanting to see, was way better.

That’s kind of like life ya’ll.

I threw in that “ya’ll” so as not to sound “deep” but I’m not sure it worked.

Anyways, don’t get hit by meteoroids or sit on wet grass while you’re waiting for them.


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