guess what i just did?

I yawned.

In other news, I ran across this site where you can get deals on worthwhile things for pretty unbeatable prices.  They offer one deal per day and it varies from city to city.  In Austin, today it’s some sort of custom photobook, but I’ve also seen half price restaurant giftcards and heavily discounted spa treatments.  Just yesterday I bought an ultimate pedicure/essential manicure at Polish Spa in Austin worth more than $70 for $40.    Got one as a gift for my mom too.  I know that pretty much only appeals to the girls (or guys that like having nice feet?) but I’ve seen discounted car services and remember the restaurant deals too.  I don’t know anyone that doesn’t enjoy good food for cheap, or just food in general.

Sign up here to get their daily deals first thing in the morning.  The good ones go fast, so do (or don’t) tell your friends.

Ok, enough promotion of someone elses business.

Did you know I’m a REALTOR???  Ha.  I’m all about promotion.

I’m about to finish up my 10th transaction…woo.  Now if I could just get 30 more in the next 6 months I’d be happy.

Oh, and if you were thinking of donating to Austin’s Coats for Kids, let me know, my office is doing a drive and I’d be more than happy to deliver them for you!

The real answer to what I just did: shameless self promotion.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something entertaining for you.

Whatever, I probably just saved you money. So…you are welcome.


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