casual friday

I’m tired of getting letters that go something like this:




Why so informal?  Did we not spend any part of elementary school learning proper salutations and closings?

I recently dealt with a client that wouldn’t answer the phone.  She’d only text.  Most awkward thing ever!  I would call, she would then text back.

Emails can get even worse.  I got one the other day with no subject, it just read:

your clients will be moving in on the 2nd.

uhh.  thanks. THAT WAS IT.  Not even a “hey shanna”.

In light of all this, I’ve decided to go back to old fashioned  letter writing, even if it’s via email.  However, when it comes to a “thank you”, I find people especially enjoy one with a stamp.  Professionally, so far as it’s not urgent, snailmail sets you apart from other professionals that just email, text, and tweet.

Also, I’ve made an effort to put “dear so and so” instead of just their name.  As for closings, there is nothing more impersonal than just me putting “-Shanna”.   If the note is to a friend, whatever happened to putting “love”, “with love”, “yours”, or even simply “your friend”?  I think it started by people getting weirded out by the word “love” and then just went to nothing at all.  It doesn’t have to be creepy!  Shouldn’t we all love each other more anyways?

If the note is business related, there are plenty of suitable options far more professional than just closing, once again, “-name”.  For business emails I generally just put a “Sincerely,” and then my email signature with all contact info.

I’m ok with jeans in the office, but this lack of communication courtesy is just not going to fly.

Oh yeah, and if you call, leaving a message is not weird.


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