To do:

not you. 

Ok, so we’re well into the perfect weather Austin gets after hell overstays its welcome for the summer.  This means all the things on my summer to do list, that I put off because of the heat, can be done!

Enchanted rock is best enjoyed in the 70’s anyways.  And with all the clear nights we’ve been having, how great will the sky be once it gets dark?  Why are night skies way more exciting when it’s cool out? 

I love love love the autumn months in Austin, but with the season, come the acorns.   I can’t walk out my door without one of the pests assaulting me.  That’s pretty much the only thing wrong with this season.  Acorns are easier to deal with than the green stringy oak tree pollen though.  I can’t wash my car for pretty much the entire month of April.

Anyways, I already went into pumpkin baking mode and played around with butternut squash.  This year, we’ll be eating at Christopher’s in College Station for Thanksgiving since the game is there, so I won’t be able to make my acorn squash.  But, I’m sure they’ll have something much better. 

In other news, I spent nearly $80 at freaking kinko’s tonight.  ugh my life is so boring.

This Thursday I’m thinking of going with friends to “First Thursday”, for the first time, on South Congress in Austin.  Coincidentally, this time last year, I went to my first “First Friday” in downtown Bryan, TX.  I’m sure they’ll be hard to compare, but if I do in fact go, I’ll try.  It’s been on my to do list for a while.


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