ignore-ance is bliss

I’ve never been good with “let it go”, “leave it be”, or “give it a rest”.  I wouldn’t say I’m persistent, but I am a little too long suffering.  Even though you’ve likely heard me say “I’m not a nice person”, that is mostly a front with the truth being,  a lot of times, I’m too nice of a person.  The problem with the “do unto others” mantra is that the other person never lives by it so you’re just a sucker.  I have too high a tolerance for the less than ideal and this helps out a lot with my work, but not so much personally.

Over the past month, I’ve discovered the power of “the ignore”.  AND IT IS AMAZING.  It is empowering.  It can give you the upper hand, or at least the illusion/feeling of it, in almost any situation.  I don’t exactly mean to ignore people straight up, but I kind of do.  But don’t.  Ignore things.


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