coats for freaking kids. food too.

I’m helping out with Coats for Kids this year, but before you think I’m only doing it to be a good person, I have a confession.  I guess it’s more of an explanation.

Our nature is to think of ourselves first.  I prefer to think of it as a side effect of self preservation, but I’ve heard plenty preach how awful I am to think that way.  There’s always benefit to doing good, so can’t selflessness be just a little selfish?  It’s not that I do any sort of service solely for myself, at all.  It’s just that there is so much self-benefit in it that it’s hard to think of as being 100% for others.  I guess it’s just philosophy, how you want to look at it.

At this stage in my career, I’m all about promoting myself, winning people over, creating raving fans.  Why not mix in community service?  My office had asked for volunteers to help with the Coats for Kids coat drive, so I decided to work this in with my marketing.  First, I picked a neighborhood in south Austin that is currently selling well, is at a good price-point, and doesn’t appear to have a dominant agent or broker.  Then, I had 250 fliers printed up advertising a Coats For Kids coat pick-up that I’m sponsoring and I passed them out.  Mailing out 250 fliers would mean giving the post office $110 and I’d already spent around $80 having them printed, so I delivered them myself.  I felt like an annoying solicitor.  I wasn’t trying to get anyone to buy anything or spend money, just let me pick up their kids old coats.  All I did was tell them my office was helping out with Coats for Kids so if they were going to donate this year I was doing a pick-up the morning of November 14th.  When I do the pick-up this Saturday, I’m leaving these really neat looking bulbs with a thank you note:

anemone bulb

anemone bulb. looks like a spaceship.

They’re ugly, but turn into these:


Anemone Coronaria. I love how simple they are.

I don’t think I’ll have a huge turnout for donations, I’m rather pessimistic actually, but two coats are better than none.  If that turns out to be the case, then I guess my money/time would have been spent better buying coats to donate, but I have to be at least somewhat hopeful.

Ooh.  I just saw a commercial for Canstruction!  I didn’t know it was a national thing.  Check it HERE.

While in college, I was in an organization that did Canstruction in the Architecture building.  It’s pretty simple.  We drew up the plan for our design and as we collected cans for the foodbank we built it!  After construction was complete, the cans were donated to the Brazos Valley Food Bank.

Anyways, after the coat pick-up this Saturday, I’m going to mail out fliers to everyone advertising my donation program.  For every house listed with me on the Turner Team, a percentage of my commission is donated to a 501(c)(3) charity of their choice in their name.  I haven’t run numbers on how much can actually be donated, but I’d like to do at least $250 if possible.  I’ll bet I end up with one person that’s like, “uhh, why can’t you just give the money to me?”….but uhmm…that’s not the point.  I think it’s funny that people think I’m making truckloads of money off just one house.  It doesn’t work that way.  I’ll educate you later.


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