yes mom, people die in places from things.

I cleared out my facebook friends list a few weeks ago and it was way too satisfying. Now if only deleting people from your circle was that easy in real life…

Two people should have gotten the boot but didn’t.  They fit the criteria of “don’t really know” but I follow their travels with way too much envy so the “don’t really care” didn’t apply.  These two girls didn’t seem to be particularly loaded at the time when I met them, so I have NO IDEA how they can spend that kind of money on travel without a job and in their millionth year of grad school.  They must be hookers.  Being drug dealers is a possibility too since I saw a post about traveling to Columbia for who knows what reason.

I bring this old deletion news up because I stared at a map today and felt unaccomplished with my travels.

Comparatively, I’ll admit I’ve been to a lot of places.  Through all this, I’m kind of over the whole “Europe” thing, even though we may or may not be going back there this December.  I know, I know, I know, that sounds really obnoxious of me.  Sorry.  The truth is, my parents just aren’t as adventurous with travel as I’d like to be and they’re the ones footing the bill.  I’ll take what I can get and love every minute of it, and once I have the money I’ll do things my way.

Even if I could convince them of my plans, I can’t really see my mother going on a hiking trip in South America or the Far East and I certainly can’t see her doing anything remotely resembling the travels in The Darjeeling Limited (yeah…laugh all you want…but it’d be cool).  She watches the news too much and is paranoid about everything.  In fact, I mentioned something about someone going to africa and she was like “PEOPLE DIE THERE!”  So I guess Kruger Nat’l Park is out of the question?  Dang.  A friend went there in elementary school and brought me back this weird green elephant thing and smarties and I was kind of sold.


Maybe I’ll update this later with my travel “wish list” and a paypal account you can donate to.


Oh, and  my mom is cool, but she DID say something like that.


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