This works better if you actually go to youtube to watch it…usually.

The website I was talking about at the end would be like the FML or MLIA sites, but something along the lines of MY PARENTS ARE AWESOME, or MPAA….but not film ratings.   Would that be a problem?

I wouldn’t even have to use what other people send in, which no one would because I wouldn’t know how to promote it; my parents already provide enough material to singlehandedly keep that site going.

If it’s already been done, then i missed the boat.

The only think I could find was this:

Mine would be way better than that.

Someone better not freaking steal my idea.



Filed under my life is awesome, webcams are my drug. youtube is my dealer.

2 responses to “YEAH.

  1. mirielle

    you are so funny! I love it. I want a blog,teach me how to be funny and witty.

  2. Andrea

    Not sure if this is the idea you were thinking of, but you might appreciate it…
    I don’t follow twitter but I read about this account somewhere. Sounds crazy but it’s insanely hilarious.

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