have a merry normal christmas

So I’ve done a lot of complaining about the outdoor Christmas decor and it’s pretty unfounded.  Once my dad added lights on the lower roof line, the lighting looked less slapdash and sparse.  The upper roof is pretty pointless to light because of the oak trees, so I didn’t bug him about it.  Besides, climbing up on metal roofs isn’t really that safe anyways and I’m sure he’d have made me help.  I enjoy my neck unbroken. thanks.

Unfortunately, there’s still no excuse/fix for this:

When I went out looking for a new tree topper, everything was lighted.  Whatever happened to just a gold star?  I’m lazy and didn’t want to go downstairs to take the picture…

Can you tell I’m excited that our house is ACTUALLY christmafied this year?  We don’t really know how to be normal for the holidays so my mother sent a schedule via email to us all about what we were doing the 24th and 25th.  It’s going to be weird normal.

Oh yeah, and I’m just going to guess that my old Westlake High School, once again, didn’t win state in football after all.  Judging by the sign at Eanes Elementary that says something like “welcome home team, we’re so proud of you” and “thanks for a great fb season”, I don’t think they won.  If they DID win, then that sign is way too weak to be congratulatory.

just my (awesome) reasoning skills at work.


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