this happened:


My mother and I both got cameras from dad this year.  The best part is that the one he gave me is pink and I’m incredibly against girlifying electronics.  I guess my dad doesn’t know that?  Either way, I can’t carry around my DSLR everywhere and my old point and shoot is…well…old.  The one he gave me happens to be waterproof and shockproof  although I don’t think I’d try taking underwater pictures with it or using it as a football.  Basically, my dad did well and it can survive in my purse at all times even if it is pink.

The first/worst/blurry picture I took with it:

many more amazing shots to come…

I got/gave a handful of other things, but I won’t bore you with my list.

For new years, Joanna and I went up to Dallas to visit Christina.  We went here:

Then other stuff happened but I only caught some of it on camera because I’m not a big picture taker:

Then we went to walmart dressed like this:

nice pants joanna


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  1. jfair

    rock on shanna

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