so my dad brought back movies again.

Every time my dad goes to hong kong or wherever, he brings back dvd’s.  They’re cheap, generally ok quality, but oftentimes not even decent movies.  This go around, he got some good ones, but a lot of bad ones.  They pretty much hand him a stack and he pays for it, so we take what we can get.

  • avatar
  • up in the air
  • 2012
  • the blind side
  • law abiding citizen
  • the proposal
  • 9 (not Nine, no singing, tim burton)
  • armored (never heard of it)
  • district 9
  • born of hope (some fan film prequel to LOTR that is probably awful)
  • The final destination (THE?…and they’re still doing those movies?)
  • Terminator Salvation
  • bad lieutenant (…all i can think of is national treasure)
  • gi joe: the rise of cobra (i dunno…)
  • surrogates (bad)
  • kill shot (straight to dvd…i think)
  • battlestar galactica: the plan (wasn’t that one made for tv?)
  • harry potter and the HBP

there are only 3 i’ll be watching.


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