oh. yeah. no big deal.

My dad got back into town on Sunday night, we had our family dinner, and that was that.  Not until a few days later did he mention that an engine on his plane burst in to flames during a landing.  My dad’s a pilot and apparently this was “no big deal”.

During the landing, there were strong winds coming from the left side, yet the plane was drifting in to the wind.  Odd?  Left engine went berserk so the right engine overcompensated, causing the plane to drift left despite the winds.  The control tower people were freaking out because it was night and all they saw were flames coming out of the front of the left wing engine.  I kind of glazed over as my dad gave me an extremely detailed description of what happened, so I’ll spare you.  Basically, the fact that there was fire coming out of the front of the engine wasn’t going to harm the engine…or something.  What I mean is, the engine wasn’t like…disintegrated and nothing blew up.  In fact, the fire was out by the time the plane slowed on the runway.

Confused yet?

The best part?  That exact plane was able to complete two other trips and land back in the states, only for the same thing happened again.

So yeah, the next plane you get on.  Safe.


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